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Oct 12, 2012 2:00pm PDT
and california, live in the middle however and you'd have to leave not just your town and state but maybe the entire region to get to a state where your decision would be respect. this is ryan's plan for american women. but he doesn't stop there. he's also a co-sponsor of the personhood bill that would declare a fertilized human egg a person with all the 14th amendment riments of life, liberty, and property as well. it would not just outlaw abortion, it would make it murder. joining me to absorb those facts are alex wagner and ron reagan, author and radio talk show host from seattle. i have to start with a woman, makes sense, doesn't it, alex? >> it does. >> it does make sense. there weren't any women arguing this last night, of course, but it does seem to me strange that here we are in the second debate, at the very end when martha raddatz to her credit brought up these philosophical questions and finally out of nowhere like a jk in the box you begin to hear the real thinking, the real planning, the real philosophy, the future perhaps if he gets elected vice president of paul ryan. what
Oct 26, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. nbc victory desk has just given california to kennedy and that gives him the election. >> well, there they are, steve. they were right overall but wrong about the state? >> nbc called the election for kennedy hours before anybody else and he had been running way ahead all night. what happened was, it was 7:00 and managers at nbc -- somebody, nobody knows quite who -- they said, you guys have got to call this thing. so california was very close, about a 100,000 vote difference. but when the absentee ballots came in and they were counted, nixon won that state. it didn't affect the outcome of the election but it was the wrong call for the state. >> nixon carried it by 33,000. florida, florida, florida, tim russert is here with tim brokaw in the year 2000 in the murky election night. let's watch. >> 565 votes. >> and there are some votes -- >> that's not even a wide spot on the road. >> and there are some votes that have not been counted. >> and there are still some votes to be counted. what if this goes the other way? >> it's only 3:17. we're here. cameras are hot. >> that's entir
Oct 26, 2012 4:00pm PDT
read about it and see the pictures that we've dug >>> the victory desk has just given california to kennedy and that gives him the election. that's putting up the v. >> there they are. in fact, they were right overall, but wrong about the state. >> msnbc called the election for kennedy hours before anyone else. and kennedy had him running way ahead in the electoral vote count all night. what happened was it was 7:00 and managers at nbc, somebody wanted to get "the today show" on the air so they could get the commercials. so california was very close. about 100,000-vote difference. but when the absentee ballots came in, nixon won that state. it didn't affect the outcome of the election, but it was the wrong call for the state. >> nixon carried it by 33,000. florida, tim russert made it famous with tom brokaw in the year 2000 navigating a murky election night. let's watch. >> 565 votes. >> there are still some votes that have not been counted. >> and there's still votes cob counted. we're at 98%. palm beach is uncounted. what if it goes the other way. >> it's only 3:17. we're here.
Oct 24, 2012 2:00pm PDT
to california, karl rove said he would win 320 electoral votes. >> my daddy said i'll be president, it's coming true. >> i went back and read something i wrote in 2000 when i was at "the new republic" at the time saying bush doesn't have it in the bag and i had to convince everyone he wasn't going to crush al gore, it was a surprising, shocking -- >> but this strategy of saying you've won before you've won creates an inevitability, i think it's ridiculously premature. we have two weeks and anything can happen and by the way the numbers are closing and may be crossing. >> i don't know why we're surprised the romney campaign which doesn't tell the truth about his policy positions, his past statements. >> his taxes. >> his taxes, even what he said five seconds ago is throwing a line of bull out what's going to happen on the elections. i think what they're trying to do two, everyone's getting worried about a most election fight that it's not definitive or something comes up and so the more you talk about it beforehand is looks like romney is going to win, you try to set up again for the post electi
Oct 2, 2012 2:00pm PDT
the historic battle of the makeup. kennedy had been in california and working on his tan. nixon always trying to match the guy who had come to congress with, just after world war ii, also declined makeup. bill wilson, serving as jack kennedy's media adviser described what came next. ted rogers said, when's your guy going to get some makeup on? rogers was wary. nixon's not going to get his makeup on until jack kennedy says. i said, it looks like a mexican standoff. that's how it happened. when he got kennedy alone in his green room, wilson put makeup on him. nixon's guy ran down and got a product known as lazy shave, known as beard stick. he called frank stanton head of cbs news into the control room to see the stark disappearance of the candidates. he called ted rogers and said he was satisfied the way nixon looked. that's not the way the rest of the country saw it, when nixon started sweating through that beard stick. the next venue was nbc studios where we produce "hardball." wilson arrived with the kennedy brothers to figure out something was up. someone set the temperature to freezing. fe
Oct 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
guaranteed or your money back. >>> hey there, i'm veronica de la cruz. california drivers are paying $4.23 a gallon, 45 cents more than the average. 400 more cases of west nile along with 16 deaths. nearly 4,000 have been sickened with 163 deaths. meningitis outbreak that began in tennessee has he can spanded to five states. four people have died. let's get you back to "hardball ". >>> welcome back to "hardball" and live from denver. mitt romney and president obama are 90 minutes from the beginning of the debate tonight. their vps have been in the headlines, each caught on videotape. it could provide fodder for the opponents tonight. debbie wasserman schultz, joy reid is managing editor of let's take a look. >> this is deadly earnest, man. this is deadly earnest. how they can justify -- how they can justify raising tacks of the middle class has been buried the last four years. how in lord's name can they justify raising their taxes? >> well, shortly after joe biden made those remarks, mitt romney tweeted, agree with joe biden, the middle class can has been buried in the las
Oct 8, 2012 4:00pm PDT
are sick and eight have died. in california, it could take days for gasoline prices to fall. jerry sandusky will be sentenced tomorrow on 45 counts of child abuse. he released a statement yesterday asserting his innocence. back to "hardball ". , ,. .: " >>> is there anything more exciting than joe biden thinking it's up to him to get the lead back? it's tivo time. there's like a 50% chance he's going to come out at the next debate with his shirt off. he's probably covering himself with animal fat right now to make himself harder to grab. >> welcome back to "hardball." "saturday night live's" seth meyers there isn't the only one excited about this week's vp debate. here is a sampling of today's headlines. in "the huffington post," obama needs the merciless joe. "the wall street journal" amps up the anticipation with bigger bang expected from ryan/biden bout. and politico lays out the high stakes for this debate in a jonathan martin article headlines a veep debate that could really matter. even paul ryan admits biden will undoubtedly bring his "a" game. let's listen. >> we think he's probably
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)